Coded Curriculums

A (W.T2.F.) Sunday Series

Short Story Time

….Andy in grade school   

Andy grudgingly waves to his mom as he jumps onto the autobus. He receives a few high fives as he walks to the back seat, he’s one of the cool kids at school after all.

When his friend falls into the seat next to him at the following stop, he touches the back of the chair in front of him to activate the screen. They quickly enter the game zone and kill a few puzzles (all educational of course)  before arriving at the School of WTF.*

“See you later pal,” Andy says to his buddy, who grins as he catches the wink and smile. He walks off one way, and Andy the other.

As Andy enters his classroom, he eyes the gadget nogetter and listens to the little beep that tells the satisfied supervisor that Andy’s devices have been successfully deactivated.

That’s the trouble these days, too many distractions says the school board, but Andy and his buddies only grinned at this news. The school board can’t keep up with them.

Andy’s old enough to understand that times have changed, and that institutions like the school struggle to adapt and change as fast as he can learn.

Andy picked coding as first course of the day for a reason; so that any system edits made to close the previous loopholes could be uprooted or bypassed, and the trails covered up to open the day for whatever fun he could get away with while paying just the necessary attention to the ongoing class.

It’s a challenge with the perfect reward. If Andy doesn’t crack the code, it will be a loonngg day ahead. Luckily some of his buddies have also queued into the code line and sometimes they get to it before he does, but today it’s his day.

Later, at home after a satisfying day at school live messaging his buddies and building their latest virtual project, Andy kindly asks his self-made AI to complete his homework and to send a summary for his review in the morning.

Andy out, he thinks, and the future genius closes his eyes to dreams of code.

… Little does the school realize that their decision to enforce a closed school web along with other digital restrictions would result in some of the most influential coders of the future, Andy being one of them.

A (W.T2.F.) Series

By @scifiannemarie

*WTF: Welcome to the Future

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