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The Boolean is a tech PR and consulting agency that works at the intersection of technology, the arts, innovation and entertainment.

Tech is changing the way we access, share and experience the world around us from day to day conversations to live concerts and the way we do business. Understanding how to use technology to stay ahead of the game and enhance audiences’ experience is critical in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Welcome to The Boolean where industry meets the latest in digital art, innovation and technology to bring you the future of immersive entertainment.



Grammy Awards 2019

Anne McKinnon is an independent VR/AR consultant, tech PR specialist and writer. She is Founder of The Boolean, where she publishes news and short stories that analyze today to make the best of tomorrow’s technologies.

As an advisor, Anne grows and curates a community of digital artists to leverage new and emerging technologies. She is particularly interested in a multi-disciplinary approach to new media and innovative applications of technology. Anne is actively engaged in the entertainment industry at the intersection of music, the arts, gaming and technology.

Anne is a contributor at VR Voice, The Startup Monthly, and is an advisor to The In.flux Lab, an event that blends TED-style talks with immersive technology demos and digital art installations. Her short stories have been featured at Virtual Futures in London.

Prior to working in tech, Anne completed a B.A. with Honours in Law from Carleton University in Canada.

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The Boolean is affiliated with the Miro Shot Collective, a global collective of content creators from musicians and roboticists to award-winning VFX and VR artists. They have created CONTENT, a live immersive concert that will tour the world in 2019. The Collective is open for all to join.