When Writing is History

Could writing one day be history, a thing of the past? While I have no doubt that writing will stick around for many centuries to come, I can’t help but to wonder if, like many other dynamics of our culture that we expect to see until the end of our time, writing as a method of record and expression may one day be a thing of the past.

Each week I continue to read articles about brain chips that will enable us to connect to technology. For example, a few months back I wrote about brain controlled robots. If these ideas are the very basics of this future tech, then what about other possibilities? What about communicating to each other via these chips?

I don’t mean direct mind reading, but communication through these chips that can transfer our thoughts. Is mind-communication such as this the language of the future? Is such a thing possible? Will we use words or thoughts? Sometimes pure sentiments that are expressed via worldess expressions are more powerful than a string of letters, so I can only imagine what it would be like to communicate these feelings directly from mind to mind.

Then what about thought hacking? Mind hacking? Hacking into someone’s electronics via their brain chips? While far from the present, many science fictions become a reality of future generations. Impossible ideas aren’t always infinitely so!

By @scifiannemarie

Food for Thought

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