Take a Spin with VR

A (W.T2.F.) Sunday Series

Short Story Time

Andy watches the dancers glide across stage in perfect sync to the rhythm of music and the backdrop of intricate patterns that are just a hint away from hypnotic. Real dancers mix with holographs in a digital setting that awes his mind. Then, Andy’s view shifts as the performance switches from live to the VR headset he wears.

Now, it’s as if he stands in the center of the stage surrounded by dancers, who, with their movements, guide his vision in VR. For a second Andy’s heart stops as he meets the intensive stare of one of the dancers. It’s just a second, but the effect lasts until even after the show is over.

He removes his headset just as the dancers are taking their final bow, and bursts into applause with the rest of the captivated audience. The RVR Ballet Company, or the Royal Virtual Reality Ballet Company, has successfully made its debut in Los Angeles after years of fine tuning and practice. Not to mention the competition from other ballet companies and the countless collaborations with open sourced platforms.

The concept originated many years back when KinetechArts performed in a little VR workspace in LA a few days ahead of National Dance Day 2017.

As Andy leaves the now VR equipped Staples Center, he suddenly feels proud of all the creatives who made this possible.

Keep at it!

A (W.T2.F.) Series

by @scifi.anne.marie / @am.infinite

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