To Imagination and Beyond

You must recall the classic “To infinity and beyond!” from Buzz LightYear in Toy Story? I think it’s an appropriate reference title as this post stems from a thought I had while watching Chappie, a 2015 Sci-fi that I say is a must watch. I’m rather confused by its 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. How often does a robot bring tears to your eyes?

Let’s not get distracted by that. What I found so interesting about Chappie, is that this AI robot has a consciousness that can be transferred. So dualism, where body is physical and the mind is non-physical.

AI occurs when we use machine learning in a computer program. The result is the impression that the program possesses human qualities, even perhaps human consciousness. Is it possible that one day we can create something like this? Beyond trickery?

I was looking at an article posted by MIT News where a team is able to use brain-signals to control a robot. The robot is able to sort through items correctly based on a person’s reaction to its placement choice. A negative signal from the brain encourages the robot to place the item in the alternative sorting bin. A positive signal, and the robot will drop the item in the current sorting bin. It’s just like telepathy no? What if one day we can communicate to each other in this way too, even over great distances? How will this change the way we live?

What does it mean if robots can use these signals to communicate with us? I’ve yet to see an AI that can do this!

Food for thought.

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