What You Can Do In Virtual Reality

The other day I was introduced to yet another VR headset, Rift, by Oculus. The Rift + Touch controller combo is easily the best VR experience I’ve had to date.

What’s really neat about this experience is that it isn’t at an event, a tech store, or demo. It’s at a friend’s house. This is the first time I’ve experienced VR as an everyday option for entertainment.

“Hey, would you like to try beating up a bunch of people in a bar? …Not actually though.”

“Uh, sure!”

Why not? One controller in each hand and headset on, I proceed to go through the orientation setting. It’s fun. There’s even a little robot that expresses it’s satisfaction with my progress and guides me through the experience.


Then, onto the games. The bar fight is the first one of a few that I try. It’s surprisingly satisfying to throw air punches that affect these VR punks. Down they go, until my character takes one too many.

There are other games too, but I want to think about other ways that Oculus will develop. Surely fitness training, visiting remote locations etc. Home schooling even? I look forward to when I get a chance to try multi-player and online games with Oculus.

Remember back to my first post on Radiant Images? There’s that weird feeling again as I transition from VR back to reality. I wonder what it is that affects the brains senses during the short time we live in the world of computer graphics and programming.

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