Handheld Scanners By Artec 3D Scan And Capture The Real World In Seconds

Artec 3D bridges the gap between the Milky Way and the metaverse with instant 3D capture and machine learning algorithms. 

A quick survey of virtual avatars reveals that multiplayer games with Picasso-like figures are still humanly identifiable through familiar kinetic traits from IRL encounters. In the mix, high-grade non-player characters (NPCs) are still working their way towards being our best mates, but nifty scanners may soon blur the line between human beings and NPCs. 

A few weeks ago I witnessed this technology first hand at VRX San Francisco as Artec 3D rep Anton Bosneaga scanned me into a 3D object with the “Artec Leo”, a handheld wireless device weighing in at around 5 lbs and priced at $25,800. This is just one of the companies many portable 3D scanning products.

Image Credit: Artec 3D

In less than a few minutes, my .obj was uploaded to a computer as a 3D asset. The scan works by using a method referred to as triangulation, during which a laser is projected onto an object which measures the distance to the surface based on an internal coordinate system.

“Everything depends on the algorithms you’re using to animate the 3D model, as well as what’s anatomically realistic, unless you choose to go beyond that boundary,” said Evgeny Lykhin, VP of Software Development at Artec 3D.

see full article with VRScout.

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