Location-Based VR To Reach New Heights

Making a hero is a billion-dollar industry, and Dreamscape is putting you in the limelight.

On Friday, December 13, Dreamscape Immersive launched a fourth destination and immersive adventure with “Dreamworks Dragon Flight Academy,” based on the Dreamworks movie “How to Train your Dragon.” With a highly customized technology platform, the narrative introduces fans and guests to a new type of interactive and immersive cinematic experience that plays a central role in growing the consumer adoption of VR.

With sold-out shows this entire month, Dreamscape is an extension of Hollywood, and the fandom that brings in billions of dollars in revenue each year. Over three movies, How to Train your Dragon has brought in $1,629,359,258 in worldwide box offices, with a total budget of $439,000,000. In the VR industry, these budgets and revenues are a far cry, with Dreamscape Immersive bringing in just $1M in estimated revenue each year according to Crunchbase.

…. see full article at VRScout. 

By Anne McKinnon





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