The Future Of Live Music: Blended Realities

XR provides a huge opportunity to reinvent the shared musical experience. Platforms have tried new approaches to live music–either by streaming concerts in VR or by creating VR-exclusive events. But most approaches either fail to replicate the experience of an in-person event, or explicitly exclude a co-located audience. Certain groups, however, are creating new music experiences using a mix of VR, AR and live venues. Our panel consists of experts at the intersection of Music & VR. Anne McKinnon is an XR consultant, advisor and writer focused on immersive events, Amy LaMeyer is managing partner of the WXR Fund and advisor to multiple music & VR startups, Roman Rappak is the lead creative of Miro Shot, an XR band/collective, and Ryan Groves is a music technologist and founder of

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Above: Miro Shot live immersive concert demo video.

Above: Ryan Groves, founder of Arcona Music 

Above: Amy LaMeyer, partner WXR Fund

Panel Takeaways

  1. An understanding of the myriad of new ways in which live music is being experienced in XR.
  2. The potential pitfalls of using VR and AR in a live setting, the new demands of maintaining the audience’s attention/flow and truly entertaining.
  3. The panel will also touch on new funding models for musicians, as the line between musician and entrepreneur blends.

Ryan Groves, Founder / Partner, Arcona
Amy LaMeyer, Managing Partner, WXR Venture Fund
Anne McKinnon, VR/AR consultant and writer, The Boolean
Roman Rappak, Musician/Director, Mirocolabs

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