Future Tech to Expand Job Market

A (W.T2.F.) Sunday Series

–Short Story Time–

Andy checks his agenda, he needs to double his staff team to keep up with the demand for production.

He recently acquired a number of small start-ups to merge with the production studio he currently helps to manage. Primarily consisting of cloud computing capacity, artificial intelligence R&D and data management, these new additions to the company’s assets have greatly assisted in their ability to reach new clients and to continue to meet the needs of current clients.

Today, several months post merger, it has come to Andy’s attention that the new AI program they’ve integrated requires a more engaged process of human supervision and collaboration. In the company’s early days, there were just a few thousand artists to run through to match with clients for assignment, but now, millions have joined the ranks of the company’s open collective.

To manage oversight of this process, the staff Andy will hire are all positions in HR. These individuals will have good knowledge of the VR production process and platform economy. Essentially, as new projects are contracted, these hires will review flagged matches of talent in the company’s collective of artists to each of the global assignments.

Just as when PayPal first began to track fraudulent payments with AI, hackers continued to adapt to cope with changes in the AI’s algorithms. Similar to this, certain members of the collective have learned how to rework their profile, or how to mislead the AI in the job assignment process.

Back in the day, PayPal learned that a team of both human and AI analysts were required to reduce losses from fraudulent transactions. AI would approve standard transactions, and transactions that showed irregularities were flagged for revision by a human staffer.

So, these new HR specialists that Andy hires will work alongside the company’s AI as they flag profiles with signs of manipulation. These profiles would be reviewed and then either suspended, approved, or permanently flagged for a probation period.

Andy takes a quick look at his company’s most recent content production contract with one of the biggest entertainment firms in the US. The firm requires content creation for a live performance that will need everything from experts in 3D shoe design to hair texture specialists. With so much talent on a global scale, advanced AI and data processing capacity, new jobs were coming in everyday with seemingly endless variations of necessary specialists.

Applications from generations prior to the introduction of coding in the curriculum took on management positions for the most part, as they had the experience of working in large teams on multi-variant projects. Or, as an alternative for these tech enthusiasts, many courses were now available to catch-up to speed those who required more tech savvy skills.

On the other hand, for those who did grow up in the coding era, these specialists were never short of work. With a new sense of globalization and collaboration, each day presented a new opportunity, innovation and inspiration for the next idea to become a reality.


A (W.T2.F.) Series

by  @scifiannemarie


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