A (W.T2.F.) Sunday Series

Short Story Time

Andy waits for his check-up, swinging his knees back and forth impatiently. A few weeks back he hurt his hand in a cycling accident and the effect the injury had on his day to day life was catastrophic. Naturally it would take months to heal, but today would determine if a little medical experiment would make all the difference.

After weeks of research, Andy decided to enter one of the University of WTF’s* volunteer programs to work with their medical team. The concept of neural lace* is one he is well familiar with, but its actual application to human subjects as generalized biolace is still in its early days. There’s no way he’d put any of that stuff in his brain just yet, but adding biolace to the nerve in his hand was a little risk he was willing to take out of curiosity, and to speed up the recovery of the injured nerves.

When the front desk AIssistant calls his name and little lights on the floor direct him from his seat to the doctor’s office, he quickly jumps up, eager to begin testing. The process was simple: two injections were made into his hand around the damaged nerves and the injected biolace unraveled around its target area. After the implant last week he was told to wait a week while the biolace and nerves, well, interlaced, before he could once again go about activity as usual.

“Ready?” says Doc., and the testing begins.

The temporary brace is removed and Andy slowly opens and closes his hand. He can’t believe it, it’s as if he’d never fallen off his bike. They run through several other motions, all without any difficulty and only minor pain. The doctor explains to him that the continued reception of some pain is necessary to track strain from the injury as well as its healing.

“Fantastic,” says Andy, then the Doctor offers him a link transfer to his WebWatch where he can find more info. on their other biolace and neural lace research.

Opening the link during his self-driving drive home, Andy smiles as he reads about previously paralyzed patients who are now mobile, Parkinson’s patients who no longer have shaking hands, amputees who are ‘connected’ to their artificial limbs without using bulky mechanical frames and so many other uses. There’s also a page that looks at the merge of biological and digital intelligence, but that read is for another day! He closes the holoscreen and waves to one of his amigos with both hands to indicate the good results: thumbs up!

A (W.T2.F.) Series

by @scifi.anne.marie


*University of WTFs: University of Welcome to the Future *

*Neural Lace: ” A mesh that grows with your brain, it’s essentially a wireless brain-computer interface. But it’s also a way to program your neurons to release certain chemicals with a thought.” –Gizmodo

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