Is Privacy Archaic?

We are trying to protect our privacy, but what if privacy is already dead? What if we’re fighting a battle that can’t be won because it doesn’t exist?

Society is moving towards a time where everything is stored online. As education and technology becomes more accessible, and code is the new language option at school, we can’t hide the fact that online doesn’t mean safe anymore.

Have you seen the movie where no one can lie? It’s really funny, it’s called The Invention of Lying.

Well, what about a world where no information can be hidden?

All of a sudden, when you want to know something, all you have to do is ask. In this far off future, the term hacker is as retro as those old privacy rights that became unnecessary as policy makers realized there wasn’t much they could do to stop someone from looking up anything on their personal devices. The younger generation was always outsmarting the old when it came to code in this day and age.

What would happen in a world such as this? Everything would change. How about sending a private message to tell China the deal is off? Or planning the latest terror plot? What about your neighbor’s account balance, or your partners latest visit to Porn Hub? You name it, you know it.


How do you think privacy will change in the near and far future? Can adaptations be made?

Food for thought.


2 thoughts on “Is Privacy Archaic?

  1. Hopefully we can stay ahead of the curve… there will always be a need to keep certain types of information private (launch codes and the like). Are we best to write a launch code on a piece of paper, and hold this physical copy under a non-digital lock and key. Maybe our archaic ways are the most secure? You make a good point though and I do feel that at some future time we will hit a point of no return.

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    1. Communication technology has always been ahead of the game. It’s one of the most important technologies out there that makes our day to day work and therefore its development has moved at astounding speeds. By no means do I think it necessary to go back to pen and paper. I’m always looking forward to the possibilities/ ideas that will drive development. One of my next posts re. this will be about quantum entanglement. In 2016 China launched a quantum satellite with hopes to send and receive unhackable messages instantaneously. So, our solution to privacy may be in a global quantum communications network.

      Check out this article by engadge for more info: “China bounced an ‘unhackable’ quantum signal between cities”
      Look out for Tuesday post too, and thanks for the comment. Let’s see where this goes!


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