Full Speed Ahead

I’m about to take off on an adventure. As always, I can’t wait to get to my final destination, but the journey can be a drag.

Years and years have passed, and I find that each time I jump on a train or plane, the travel time is about the same as the previous journey.

If tech. companies can come up with upgrades every single year that justify hundreds of dollars in upgrades from consumers, how come travel times haven’t significantly decreased over the years?

Probably a bit of a different ball game; however, a few companies have made a pitch to improve travel speeds.

My brother sent over an article on Hyperloop One months ago. The closest I can compare it to is a high speed train. It uses pods that are accelerated by an electric motor though a low pressure tube. The ‘vehicle’ glides within the tube, so it’s an absolutely smooth ride.

What I find the most impressive is that the company started out in a garage in Los Angeles in 2014. Now, they are developing routes in five countries. That is the type of movement I like to see!

I don’t want to take images from other sites for this blog, so I encourage you to check out their site to get a better idea of the Hyperloop One system. It’s pretty rad. The predicted date for passenger travel is 2021.

To give you an idea of what is on the road ahead; Hyperloop One will be able to make the journey between San Francisco and Los Angeles at around 30 minutes. I’ll take that.

Hyperloop One may have some competition though, as is healthy!

Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies or ET3, is working on the idea of a zero-air transport tube that would make the trip between NYC and Beiijing around 2 hours. It is more on the level of ‘space travel on Earth,’ ET3 claims. Their estimated date for passenger travel is 2030.

I don’t know about you, but my first thought is that this is AWESOME! Then, I think, Beijing to NYC in 2 hours? I may experience just a little bit of motion sickness. I’d love to learn more on this issue from ET3!

For now, I wait in anticipation for these new methods of travel, and also enjoy the slower rides from time to time:)


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