Ubuntu? How do I even say that? Is my first reaction to this operating system.

If you’re new to Ubuntu, well, ‘new to’ kinda rhymes with ‘u-boon-tu’. Now you’re a pro.

Okay, now that we know how to say Ubuntu, what is it? It’s an open sourced software platform. Kinda like Mac OS or Windows, but, open sourced. In more detail, it’s an easy to use desktop version of Linux.

I’ve used Ubuntu on a Lenovo laptop for nearly two months now and it’s definitely been a learning curve.

I don’t recommend it for non-tech savvy individuals. Although, if you are the type of person who is okay to constantly search ‘how do I download blah’ on Ubuntu, or ‘how to do blah…’ on Ubuntu, etc., things can’t get better.

The most terrifying moment is when I first open a Ubuntu terminal window. For non-techers (tech-ers), a terminal window is where code is input, and looks like a place for code from the Matrix.

​​​​From time to time this is necessary to get little windows to disappear etc. It’s not perfect.

Why go through all the trouble then? Especially when I feel that with the current USA administration I may be labeled as a spy when I open a terminal window and subsequently deported. At least I don’t have to worry about being a Russian spy…

Oh yeah, trouble, let’s get back to that. Ubuntu is amazing for a number of reasons. First, the principles behind it are something I stand by, and second, it’s all free from download to use.

It comes with an office suite (LibreOffice) that’s compatible with Microsoft Office, browsers, email and media apps pre-installed and thousands of other applications that cost hundreds of dollars on other operating systems.

Also, Ubuntu is a massive collaborative project. Bugs are fixed quickly and the community is constantly working to make improvements. The OS never slows either, unlike the ones you pay for.

​​Finally, did you know that Ubuntu was established by South African Mark Shuttleworth? Ubuntu is an ancient African word that means ‘humanity to others’. It also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’.

All in all then, Ubuntu + my 64bit SSD (Solid State Drive a.k.a. turbo engine in laptop that makes everything happen really FAST minus the sound of a turbo engine) = I’m happy, and I recommend this to others. Software such as this should be free and accessible to everyone. That is after all, the principle behind Ubuntu, and a principle I stand by.

Just wanted you to know about this little known option out there.

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