Holograms now live on stage

On Sunday February 12 I was lucky enough to be at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Between getting a needle and thread to Ed Sheeran’s trailer, a steamer to The Weeknd, and water for Katy Perry’s dancers etc., I was able to watch Beyoncé perform.

What’s better than one Beyoncé? Beyoncé and holographic Beyoncé. I can tell that even the crowd is unsure at times if what they see is hologram or human. As imagery changes, there are bursts of uncertain applause. Is this her? … Is this her? They want to great her with the recognition she merits.

The hologram effects are not like the early 3-D movies that costs an extra $10 with one effect that stands out. Beyoncé’s show is nearly nine minutes and at least three minutes are holography heavy. I can tell you that I’ll never forget it as my first holographic experience.

In conjunction with a pre-recorded track of poetry read by Beyoncé, the music, movement, and finally Beyoncé’s voice, it is a powerful performance.

I didn’t realize that hologram technology is this far along. I look forward to when instead of watching movies on tv, I set up a hologram device on the open floor and watch the action unfold in my living room.

Next year, will the Grammy tributes be holograms of artists who can no longer make the stage instead of tribute artists?

I look forward to what the entertainment industry and tech. industry have on the agenda this year for holography. I’ll keep an eye out, that is, if I can tell if what I see is hologram or real. Does anyone else agree that reality may become confusing in the near future?


Ps. The Weeknd. Even with a map and radio directions, your trailer was very hard to find because, as trailers do, they move, and you with them. So, I had to carry a heavy steamer up and down several flights of stairs before I found your trailer. It was an uncomfortably steamy experience. You’re welcome!!

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