The Boolean by Anne McKinnon:


British Science Fiction Association
Virtual Futures London 2018 “Memories Inc” short story.

Virtual Futures London 2019 “Imagine” short story.

CES Tech Media Trailblazer 2019 featuring talented, promising and diverse voices in media.


Convergence | How the world will be painted with data

Associate editor and contributing author to  Charlie Fink‘s “Convergence” on 5G and AR. Released at SXSW, 2019.

Virtual Futures’ Near-Future Fiction Volume 2. Contributing Author. Release date: 2020.


2019  VRX Gaming Seminar host, San Francisco

2019  VRX Startup Track session host, Amsterdam

2019 VR Days Europe Music & XR Track host and curator, Amsterdam

2019 The Influx Reality Mixer, by The Influx Lab. Moderator: Can You Augment Creativity?

2019 VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival) 2019 presenting in the Co-Production Market on the future of live entertainment with immersive technology.


VRScout Guest Writer

VR Voice
Contributor & live broadcasting, Sundance 2018

The Startup Monthly


Capitol Records Capitol Royal Innovation Event: VR experience curator

Kaleidoscope VR Review committee

The In.flux Lab is an event bringing an eclectic mix of creatives, technologists, business development executives and more, across the full spectrum of mixed reality advertising, content & commerce.

CX:XR: LA’s premiere event connecting leaders in marketing, media and entertainment with VR & AR experiences and expertise.


Collision Conference Women in Tech Mentor Program Toronto, Canada 2019. Discussing change with mentees in one-on-one sessions:


Quoted in Forbes, 2019: Miro Shot Explores The Future Of Live Music With VR

Free The Bid: Woman in Innovation, Women Directors Telling Groundbreaking Stories in VR/AR,” a West Coast gathering of all-star women working within the VR, AR, new media and innovation space.

British Science Fiction Magazine – Virtual Futures: Near-Future Fictions Vol. 5 ‘Virtual Persons’


The Boolean is affiliated with the Miro Shot Collective, a global collective of content creators from musicians and roboticists to award-winning VFX and VR artists. They have created CONTENT, a live immersive concert that will tour the world in 2019.  The Collective is open for all to join.


The Boolean covers major events in tech, digital arts and music. These include but are not limited to:

CES Consumer Electronics Show
Sundance Film Festival New Frontiers
VR Days Europe, Amsterdam
VR/AR Global Summit, Vancouver
VRLA Virtual Reality Los Angeles
AWE, AR/VR Conference and Expo
E3 Gaming Convention
Wired Energy, London
Nuit Blanche, Paris
DEW Digital Entertainment World
Tribeca Film Festival (Immersive)

and more.

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Grammy Awards, Los Angeles 2019